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#36 Golden Honey Ale by Wolf Brewing Co.

So this is the second of the Wolf Brewing beer’s that I’ve had on this journey. This beer has a real golden colour to it. It pours with a mild head. It has a mildly bitter aftertaste and a lingering flavor of malted wheat. This beer is a crisp drinking beer. I am not head over heals with this beer, but it is a tasty beverage.
Here’s #36 Golden Honey Ale by Wolf Brewing Company from Nanaimo BC.

And for def who keeps hounding me about where I get my beer, this was purchased at the Merecroft Village Liquor store in Campbell River.

#33-#35 the Mexican Fiesta

Well the wife and I wanted to go somewhere warm this winter and due to scheduling conflicts it wasn’t going to happen for a few months. SO, I came up with the idea to cook some spicy mexico inspired dishes and have some guests for a fiesta of sorts. And what washes down spicy food better than beer right? Food spread was nice, there was fish tacos, mexican lasagna, mexicali stew (a homemade recipe) with a bunch of spicy salsa’s and guac. Accompanying the food was a nice selection of imported beer.

So where did I start? Somewhere south of the border in the land of the dancing jalapeno?

#33 Carib by Carib Brewery from Trinidad and Tobago

What?? This is supposed to be a Mexican fiesta, not a Caribbean party. That said I started with this one because I needed something to cook with. 1/2 went in the stew and 1/2 went to me.
This is a really crisp lager that has little aftertaste. It goes down really easy. It has a much more substantial beer taste than most imports south of the border (IE corona), so it regularly makes an appearance in our fridge when we are feeling like having said kind of beer.

#33 Carib

The evening progresses and I switch it up. Time for the real deal mexican style.

#34 Cerveza Pacífico Clara

This is my 2nd favorite Mexican beer. It is a crisp lager with little to no aftertaste. Like the Carib it has a substantial beer flavor, but the easy drinkability you’d expect from a  nice lager beer.

#34 with a sombrero is Cerveza Pacifico Clara

When someone offers to get me a beer I often say yes, but when asked which kind of beer I like to say “dealers choice” to make them think a bit. The next beer I had was one of those.

#35 Bavaria Beer from the Netherlands

I’m going to save the writeup for this for one of my BFTP series posts.

Drink responsibly everyone

EDIT: These beers are either available at merecroft village or government liquor stores. And here’s what the table looked like, there were Sol’s there but I missed out. Also the food is actually in the kitchen as we had 10 adults so we served it buffet style.

#32 Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale

While perusing the Oyster River liquor store I noticed a limited edition brew that I hadn’t seen before. I impulsively bought one and anticipated trying it out.

It was listed as a rich brown ale with hints of roasted hops and caramel. I get the roasted hops, but I’d hardly list this as a bold beer. They have obviously put emphasis on mass appeal so while it has a pronounced taste, it isn’t bold. It does taste good, it has a nice clean finish. It is a relatively decent dark ale.

#32 is Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale

In honor of a crazy man I’ll close with his line. “Here’s to your mothers, god love her.” “And to Yours”

#31 Arrogant Bastard Ale by Stone Brewing Co

This is an american beer that shatters all (mis)conceptions us Canadians have about yankee beer. It is big, bold, flavourful and tasty. Pours to a dark amber colour and has a well hopped taste. Also contrary to popular belief it is a high test weighing in at a strong 7.2%. This brew lingers on your tongue for quite a while too. Its taste is so strong it can be felt from the month-long night icy north of Inuvik all the way to the Mexican border.  A seriously strong beer, but worth every drop. This was a gift from a co-worker so thanks for that, I appreciate the help.

#31 with a Bullet is the Arrogant Bastard Ale by Stone Brewing co from San Diego California.

@liquidarrogance on twitter.

#30 Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood Brewing

I recently got schooled by a G.I.B. rep on the IBU scale which is a bitterness scale for beers. She said that the majority of IPA’s  are less than 50. Keiths is a 12. But this IPA weigh’s in at a heavy 80. Its really hoppy and quite bitter.I was suprised to read the website about this because it has a grapefruit and melon tones to this hoppy beer. The citrus does not go unnoticed.

I’d say it has more of a punch of citrus instead of a hint. But it adds to the bitterness of the beer. It adds a tasty peak at the end of the taste, with a lingering of the bitters. I really wish I had more than the 1 bottle.

I gotta say, this beer is unfiltered and beautiful

#30 on the Leapbeer list is Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood

Maybe I need a better camera than my phone.

Addendum: I shared another one of these with a friend the other night and he agrees. Its a huge hit. The flavour is so bold that it makes drinking milder beers after it pointless. This beer has been the most impressive beer on this journey thus far. BY A CLEAR MILE!

Thank you Driftwood Brewery, you’re patience and work has been appreciated.


#7 (what?) BFtP Dr Funk Dunkel by Phillips Brewery

This is the first in the Blast from the Past review of a previously glossed over beer. The Dr Funk Dunkel is a standard dunkelweisen, or dark wheat beer. Its very good, albeit mild. This is an easily quaff-able ale. I’d like to say that there is soemthing execptional about this beer, but its a very standard dunkel. That said dunkel is one of my originally preferred craft brews. Its a wheat beer, with an edge. It has the easy finish of a wheat beer but the stronger taste of a dark beer. I’m a fan of this kind of beer. That said this isn’t the best dunkel I’ve had. It goes without saying that this is a relatively small market, and in my opinion Phillips could have made this a stronger tasting beer. I really hope that this beer can take off, OR that it can be retooled to an uberdunkel and then sold. I know Phillips has alot of strong flavoured beers, but I’d like them to bump this up a bit. I really like a strong flavoured beer, and this is weaker than most craft beers. It does have the crisp finish I love in a of a wheat beer.

A solid offering that left me wanting more.

Here’s #7 Dr Funk Dunkel by Phillips


Til I drink again (and again and again as this year progresses)

#28 & #29 Wolf Brewing Red Brick IPA and Wells Bombardier Premium Ale

So last night I shared a beer with a friend, we had the Red Brick IPA from Wolf Brewing in Nanaimo.

Its quite a hoppy IPA with a refreshing finish. It is a very tasty beer. They are the former Fat Cat brewery, and their website isn’t operation yet.

#28 Wolf Brewing Company Red Brick IPA

This brings me to #29 the Wells Bombarier Ale

This beer was darker than I expected. It didn’t have a strong ‘dark beer’ taste. It was really good. Tasted like a nice malty ale. The website mentions a sultana taste mixed with the hops, I didn’t get that myself. But it is delicious. I’m hoping to revisit this one in the upcoming BFTP posts (blast from the past – where I post about glossed over beers).

Here she is, #29 Wells Bombarier Ale

I leave again, my whistle whet and dreaming of the next beer.

#27 Dead Frog Brewery Brewmaster Series – Chocolate Mint Brown Ale

Its official. The love-in is over. Call it difference of opinion or an acquired taste, but I do not like this beer. It tastes like a dark slightly bitter stout that someone sprayed with minty breath spray. The mint taste is so light, that at first few sips I didn’t even notice it.

This is one of their (dead frog’s) limited release Brewmaster Series. As it is a limited run, and on clearance at the BC Lq stores I am guessing that it’s probably not long for this world. I for one, will not be mourning its loss. Sorry guys, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

My wife said it was aptly named, because it tasted like she was drinking a dead frog.

#27 with a headstone, Dead Frog Brewmaster Series – Chocolate Mint Brown Ale

Not all beers are created equal, but life with beer is better than life without.

#25 and #26, Cannery Collection Part Two IPA and Nut Ale

So the can says it has a fierce hop and gentle bite. It is a well hopped IPA with some bitter aftertaste. Relative high test compared to some, but very tasty. The lingering flavour stays with you for quite some time with this beer. It doesn’t remind me of any of the standard bigname IPA’s like Alexander Keiths, but it is strikingly similar to the Hop Circle from Phillips.

Here’s #25 the Cannery Brewing I.P.A.

#26 is the Naramata Nut Brown Ale
The site says this “This velvety soft ale has a stubbornly loyal following. Rich dark malts are layered in a seamless manner. Fine tuning with a blend of bittering, aroma, and flavour hops produce an amazingly smooth finish and a lingering taste. This is a full bodied ale with a rich and gentle flavour.”

Now let me preface this with the fact that I don’t remember liking this beer. So my preconceived notion is that it will be bad. But who knows, my palate may have changed and maybe I like it now.

So, after tasting it again it is, as one would expect, a nutty ale. I’m going to have a second one to see if I poured it wrong but it had a moment of settling the same way that a guinness would. There is no aftertaste, and it goes down very smooth.
To be honest I don’t know what I was thinking when I developed the idea that I didn’t like this. Its a tasty brew.

So the love in continues to Beer #26, Cannery Naramata Nut Brown Ale

All the info for this beer is available here http://cannerybrewing.com/index.htm

Or on via there twitter feed https://twitter.com/#!/CanneryBrewing

Im wondering if this has to do with drinking a beer from a glass, whether that makes it better or not. So far the streak continues and so do I. Only 340 beers in 346 days to go. If you think I’m rushing into it, please know that I do a fair amount of fishing in the summer. This will prove to limit some of my blogging.

PS I wondered what kind of nut a Naramata nut was, so I googled it. Only to find out that naramata is an area of the okanagan. Oops.

#24-26 The Cannery Collection Part 1 – #24 Anarchist Amber Ale


#24 is the Anarchist Amber Ale
It’s been a while since I’d had this beer so I’m glad to report that it tastes very good. There is a mild bitterness in its finish. Not enough to slow drinking it, but a taste note that is pleasant. It has a very tan amber colour.

Without further adieu, here is the Anarchist Amber Ale


As a side note, I have a few calls & emails in to a couple of breweries and brew pubs, so expect some in depth posts with that info. The focus of this portion of the blog is on van isle and bc beers, but I foresee many an import coming my way too.

Bottoms up, til your bottoms are dry.

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