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The Back Log

Because Im starting this leap beer blog late I have to catch up on the beer’s I’ve already sampled this year so far. So here’ goes.


Cobra from India
Krusovice Imperial and Original Czechvar from The Czech Republic
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel from Germany
Petrus Dubbel Bruin from Belgium


Blue Buck, Dr Funk Dunkel, Baltic Porter Mash Up & Hoperation Tripel Cross by Phillips Brewery, Victoria BC @phillipsbeer on twitter/ http://phillipsbeer.com/
Lions Winter Ale and English Bay Pale Ale from Granville Island Brewery, Vancouver BC @itsgoodtobehere on twitter/ http://gib.ca

And then tonight I’ve already shared a Zywiec from Poland with my wife. And now We’re sharing a Crabbies Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer from The United Kingdom.

As far as ‘reviews’ go Im not sure how far I’m going to take this.  I do want to mention some info about the Crabbies Ginger Beer. It is amazing. Tastes like a strong canada dry ginger ale, but it has a 4% alcohol content. First sip makes you recoil with delight. Perhaps its a bit too sweet for a quaffing ale, but I can see it being paired with seafood (or a hangover) really well.
I’m going to start posting some pics too and all this comes over my twitter too. Please feel free to comment and give any suggestions.

Til I drink again (closing remark is still a work in progress)

EDIT: Went for a third beer tonight, and tried a Maredsous Abbaye-Abdij from Belgium. I’m also going to institute a beer count, but as there are a few beers I’ve had but didn’t get the labels of I’m waiting to get that info before I start the count. I imagine it should be in place later this month.

And so it begins, albeit a bit late.

This being my first post to this blog here’s to hoping it goes well. I’m going to compose a brief mission statement about this blog and then get back to it. Here’s a bit about me to tide anyone over.

I’m a 35 yr old campbell riverite who enjoys beer. Like all canadian men and boys I was raised on the stuff. I’ve always taken the opportunity to drink different beers and this is my way of trying to document it. I’m gonna post this and go crack a beer, grab my journal and start blogging.

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