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The 1 Off – A single beer review – Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

Beer #22 Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

This is an amber cream ale that goes down easy. Its a medium bodied beer, available year round from Phillips. While it isn’t my favorite offering of theirs I never say no to one. You get a mild smell and hint of the Malt flavour and smooth to no aftertaste. If I was to compare it to another beer I’d say its like a cross between a sleeman honey brown and their cream ale. Less of the honey tones, but similar flavours.

It is definitely a quaffing ale, as it can go down really easy, which would make it perfect for a summer day.

Without further adieu, I give you Beer #22 The Slipstream Cream Ale


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3 thoughts on “The 1 Off – A single beer review – Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

  1. da Def on said:

    This is one of my STAPLE beers! I DO like a little malt and something a little darker than just a lager. I kinda cringed when you compared it to the corporate beers, but I’m sure it’ll relay the message to someone who hasn’t left the corporate world….

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