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#27 Dead Frog Brewery Brewmaster Series – Chocolate Mint Brown Ale

Its official. The love-in is over. Call it difference of opinion or an acquired taste, but I do not like this beer. It tastes like a dark slightly bitter stout that someone sprayed with minty breath spray. The mint taste is so light, that at first few sips I didn’t even notice it.

This is one of their (dead frog’s) limited release Brewmaster Series. As it is a limited run, and on clearance at the BC Lq stores I am guessing that it’s probably not long for this world. I for one, will not be mourning its loss. Sorry guys, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

My wife said it was aptly named, because it tasted like she was drinking a dead frog.

#27 with a headstone, Dead Frog Brewmaster Series – Chocolate Mint Brown Ale

Not all beers are created equal, but life with beer is better than life without.

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