Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

#7 (what?) BFtP Dr Funk Dunkel by Phillips Brewery

This is the first in the Blast from the Past review of a previously glossed over beer. The Dr Funk Dunkel is a standard dunkelweisen, or dark wheat beer. Its very good, albeit mild. This is an easily quaff-able ale. I’d like to say that there is soemthing execptional about this beer, but its a very standard dunkel. That said dunkel is one of my originally preferred craft brews. Its a wheat beer, with an edge. It has the easy finish of a wheat beer but the stronger taste of a dark beer. I’m a fan of this kind of beer. That said this isn’t the best dunkel I’ve had. It goes without saying that this is a relatively small market, and in my opinion Phillips could have made this a stronger tasting beer. I really hope that this beer can take off, OR that it can be retooled to an uberdunkel and then sold. I know Phillips has alot of strong flavoured beers, but I’d like them to bump this up a bit. I really like a strong flavoured beer, and this is weaker than most craft beers. It does have the crisp finish I love in a of a wheat beer.

A solid offering that left me wanting more.

Here’s #7 Dr Funk Dunkel by Phillips


Til I drink again (and again and again as this year progresses)

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