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#30 Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood Brewing

I recently got schooled by a G.I.B. rep on the IBU scale which is a bitterness scale for beers. She said that the majority of IPA’s  are less than 50. Keiths is a 12. But this IPA weigh’s in at a heavy 80. Its really hoppy and quite bitter.I was suprised to read the website about this because it has a grapefruit and melon tones to this hoppy beer. The citrus does not go unnoticed.

I’d say it has more of a punch of citrus instead of a hint. But it adds to the bitterness of the beer. It adds a tasty peak at the end of the taste, with a lingering of the bitters. I really wish I had more than the 1 bottle.

I gotta say, this beer is unfiltered and beautiful

#30 on the Leapbeer list is Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood

Maybe I need a better camera than my phone.

Addendum: I shared another one of these with a friend the other night and he agrees. Its a huge hit. The flavour is so bold that it makes drinking milder beers after it pointless. This beer has been the most impressive beer on this journey thus far. BY A CLEAR MILE!

Thank you Driftwood Brewery, you’re patience and work has been appreciated.


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