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#23 Bowen Island Irish Cream Ale

According to their website the Irish Cream Ale is low in hops and nutty. Their is truth in this advertising. You would expect this beer taste stronger than it does simply due to its colour. But it is a refreshing beer, goes down super easy. It isn’t something to drink if you want something with some substance to it. If you like a clean finish, this has little to no aftertaste.

I realize this blog is seeming a bit like a love-in with all the beers that I’m posting, but that will change. I have a backlog of beers in my fridge that I like and will get through. But once they’re gone I’m sure I’ll get to one or several that I disagree with.

Leap Beer – whetting whistles, one drop at a time.

Minor Update

I am not intending to make the list disingenuous, but I’ve started doing single beer reviews on the nights Im tasting them and posting them later. This way the blog will get a ‘beer of the day’ feel even though Im not actually drinking a beer each day.

It also allows me to be a bit more thorough describing the beers as I get through them.

It won’t all be ‘beer of the day’ as I am planning on doing a couple of blogs about different brewery/brew pubs if I can get around to visiting them.


The 1 Off – A single beer review – Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

Beer #22 Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

This is an amber cream ale that goes down easy. Its a medium bodied beer, available year round from Phillips. While it isn’t my favorite offering of theirs I never say no to one. You get a mild smell and hint of the Malt flavour and smooth to no aftertaste. If I was to compare it to another beer I’d say its like a cross between a sleeman honey brown and their cream ale. Less of the honey tones, but similar flavours.

It is definitely a quaffing ale, as it can go down really easy, which would make it perfect for a summer day.

Without further adieu, I give you Beer #22 The Slipstream Cream Ale

Coming Soon

Just a picture of what’s to come soon. A couple of locals and a couple of imports.


Catching up

Well tonight was a good night for tasting. With only one new beer, but still some old favorites in the mix. I’m going to copy and paste the list so far so that the numbering scale can make it in here.

1 Cobra from India
2Krusovice Imperial
3Original Czechvar
4Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel
5Petrus Dubbel Bruin from Belgium
6-10 Blue Buck, Dr Funk Dunkel, Baltic Porter Mash Up, Hop Circle IPA & Hoperation Tripel Cross by Phillips Brewery
11 & 12 Lions Winter Ale and English Bay Pale Ale from GIB
13 Zwyiec
14 Crabbies Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer

And new from tonight
15 Carling Extra Old Stock (its been a long time since I had one of these, but I remember it being O Keefes) This is also of note that it is the first of the major brewery beers in canada to make an appearance.
16 Vancouver Islander Lager from Vancouver Island Brewery
17 1516 Lager from Okanagan Springs Brewery
18 Fraoch Heather Ale –
19 Whiskey Jack Ale from Whistler Brewery
20 Bud Light with Lime from Anheuser-Busch – Kind of a weak point to end the night at. I know a lot of people I’ve mentioned this beer to have a hate on with it, but on a hot day, its mighty tasty.

For my taste of the 5 I got through tonight (it was a long night of socializing and games, I didn’t just cram in as much as I could in a short period of time) my favorite of the buch would probably be the Fraoch. It offers a unique taste and light aftertaste. All the beers tonight were generally light in nature. At darkest they ended into an amber.

Now as far as it goes for this blog, I’m hoping to get some input from anyone about what you want to see from it. I’ve already had some suggestions about doing a ratings system for beers, like a 1-10 scale. I’m somewhat reticent about that because I’d probably hand out a lot of 6’s and 7’s. The other thing is serving temp is a big thing when it comes to how they taste in the glass. I’ve decided to include beer’s available in non-bottles now. That way I can get into and review brew pub beers as well as canned beers like Bowen Island selections. Also I plan to use the compilation of labels and info I get to making a collage at the end of it.

If anyone reading has an artistic bent and wants to offer ideas about or make some kind of banner or logo for the leap beer project ( or operation leap beer, mission leap beer or whatever) Please send it in. I’d muchly appreciate it.

Enjoy yourselves and drink responsibly

Chris Frederiksen

EDIT : I missed the Maredsous Abbaye-Abdij from the other night when doing the numbers so it’ll now be #21 officially. One note about it, it is very dark and heavy. Yet it still maintains a sweetness as there is a molasses flavour in the aftertaste. I anticipate giving that beer a second go sometime in the future. I’m considering setting up awards for the end, something like “Most Revisited”(one I liked so much I just had to have more and “Most Suprising” (For one I expected to be bad that was really quite good) As well as “Most Disappointing” (self explanatory)

The Back Log

Because Im starting this leap beer blog late I have to catch up on the beer’s I’ve already sampled this year so far. So here’ goes.


Cobra from India
Krusovice Imperial and Original Czechvar from The Czech Republic
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel from Germany
Petrus Dubbel Bruin from Belgium


Blue Buck, Dr Funk Dunkel, Baltic Porter Mash Up & Hoperation Tripel Cross by Phillips Brewery, Victoria BC @phillipsbeer on twitter/ http://phillipsbeer.com/
Lions Winter Ale and English Bay Pale Ale from Granville Island Brewery, Vancouver BC @itsgoodtobehere on twitter/ http://gib.ca

And then tonight I’ve already shared a Zywiec from Poland with my wife. And now We’re sharing a Crabbies Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer from The United Kingdom.

As far as ‘reviews’ go Im not sure how far I’m going to take this.  I do want to mention some info about the Crabbies Ginger Beer. It is amazing. Tastes like a strong canada dry ginger ale, but it has a 4% alcohol content. First sip makes you recoil with delight. Perhaps its a bit too sweet for a quaffing ale, but I can see it being paired with seafood (or a hangover) really well.
I’m going to start posting some pics too and all this comes over my twitter too. Please feel free to comment and give any suggestions.

Til I drink again (closing remark is still a work in progress)

EDIT: Went for a third beer tonight, and tried a Maredsous Abbaye-Abdij from Belgium. I’m also going to institute a beer count, but as there are a few beers I’ve had but didn’t get the labels of I’m waiting to get that info before I start the count. I imagine it should be in place later this month.

And so it begins, albeit a bit late.

This being my first post to this blog here’s to hoping it goes well. I’m going to compose a brief mission statement about this blog and then get back to it. Here’s a bit about me to tide anyone over.

I’m a 35 yr old campbell riverite who enjoys beer. Like all canadian men and boys I was raised on the stuff. I’ve always taken the opportunity to drink different beers and this is my way of trying to document it. I’m gonna post this and go crack a beer, grab my journal and start blogging.

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