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#37 Artisan IPA by Bowen Island Brewing

So this is a beer I’d tasted earlier in the month. It is a quite hoppy IPA. It doesn’t have a bitterness rating on the can, but I’d gather its in the 40 range. Tastes less ‘craft’y than say the Hop Circle IPA but definitely more an IPA than a keiths. It isn’t my favorite beer so far, but its not a terrible brew. I wish Bowen would produce bottles of beer, but even from a can this is a tasty brew. What I find hard to understand is with great lower cost brews like this one out there, why do people drink such bad beer en mas (IE Bud, Lucky, MGD etc etc) If I were to try to sum this beer in a phrase, it’d be ‘a great inexpensive crafty ipa’. Thanks Bowen Island Brewing, I’ll be back to you soon.


Here’s #37 Artisan IPA by Bowen Island Brewing

Enjoy responsibly folks

1 Month in – progress report and preliminary findings

So I’m officially 1 month into the project now. I’ve drank 10% of the beers which puts me at a great headstart for the year. I have a fridge full of brews just waiting to be tasted, and a slew of ideas yet to be realized. You’d think I have an insatiable appetite for beer at this point, but, to be honest, I find myself slowing down. I’m preferring to linger on the one beer as opposed to busting through it and go to another. I’m also kind of peeved at how I blitzed the first 15 out without so much as a peep about which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t. I will rectify this as all but a few of those will be getting a single beer review. I’m going to stop calling them blast from the past and just number the review.

You may be asking if I have learned anything new yet? Absolutely. I’m finding that drinking beer out of a glass can make a world of difference. Some beers are brewed with a slight scent that you would not get if you drank it from a bottle or the can. Beer temperature is also a big thing. One beer I drank was somewhat bland at my normal fridge temperature, but when I allowed it to warm up a bit it became a delicate symphony of flavor. But by far the biggest thing I’ve learned is about bitterness. If you look at most craft IPA’s they have an IBU or BU scale on them. This is explained better than I can on wikipedia here . The beer rep from GIB told me that keith’s is a 12, Hop Circle is about 45-50, and their new limited Imperial IPA is 100. The IPA I sampled this month high in bitterness was the Fat Tug IPA which has an IBU of 80. That said it was delicious. It was one of the beers that surprised me this month. Made my top 3 of the month.

2nd in my top 3 (not rating them 1 to 3 just top 3 beers I had) was the Arrogant Bastard Ale. It put to rest any idea I had about American beer being bad. I loved it.

3rd in my top 3 for surprisingly good beers this month was Crabbies Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer. It never got its own review, but I did speak about it in the back log.

As for beers in my fridge I have awaiting review, among them is Golden Pheasant, Phillips Mass Extinction Barley Wine, Pipers pale ale, a duo of Innis & gunn and many more. So come back again soon to see what is new. If you tweet about it please include the #leapbeer so I can track it. Tweet or comment questions or suggestions.


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Chris Frederiksen Mr Leapbeer 2012

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