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Leapbeer Review #38 Duchy Original Organic Ruby Ale

So a co-worker friend of mine owed me a favor. He’s been encouraging me on my journey and his way of paying back what he owed, more beer. First from that lot is the Duchy Original Organic Red Ale. This is a mildly cloudy (semi or un filtered) beer that has an interesting flavor. I’ve read that when served cold this beer tends to have muted a few of the flavors, so I’m going to let this reach close to room temp before I continue.

So 15 minutes later and it’s a whole different experience. I’m still missing the ‘citrus’ notes on it but it definitely tastes more floral than before. This is a hard beer to draw a comparison to, but I do have another ruby ale coming up soon so maybe that’ll be similar. I’d definitely suggest this as a close to room temp beer.

Here she is, #38 Duchy Original Organic Ruby Ale

And for da def, this was likely bought at MVLS (merecroft village liquor store)

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