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Leapbeer Review #41 – Granville Island Imperial IPA

How do I follow up a limited beer review? With another of course.
Granville Island Brewing has graced us with another delightful beer, albeit for only a short time. This is an uberhoppy ipa that is bitter and delicious. It pours to a beautiful amber colour.

As far as ‘how bitter?’ it is it topples the IBU scale at 100, where most craftbrew ipa’s only hit in the 50s. It’d be well paired with any bold or spicy food.

It’s a treat to drink, I wish it was more readily available as I had to drive to courtenay to get it. This delish beer is absolutely worth it.

Here’s #41 Granville Island Brewery’s Imperial IPA


Get it while its available.

Leapbeer Review #40 Phillips Mass Extinction Ice Barley Wine

So, I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Its a limited run by Phillips that I was eager to try. And here it is, dancing on my palate and my tongue as I type this. 1st impression was ‘wow’ followed by ‘holy poop that’s got a kick’. Indeed this barley wine has an ABV of 12% ranking it higher than many wines in go juice power. Even though its in a 341ml bottle this premium beer is sold in singles to encourage moderation. It’s got the stopping power of nearly 3 beers under its belt. But don’t take it as just a heavyweight from the hooch perspective. This beast packs a punch. At a near chocolate colour this brew has a depth of toffee & caramel flavor that is unrivaled in my experience. To call it a bold beer is an understatement. Not only does it linger on your tongue but it also coats the roof of your mouth too. It is a nectar like no other. This is a winter beer that could easily heat you up in any situation.

Here’s #40 with a pencil drawn heart around it  Phillips Mass Extinction Ice Barley Wine

Did I mention that I like this beer a lot? But alas, its only for a short period of time. Oh well drink them while you can.

Leapbeerman out!

PS dadef, I got it at mvls.

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