Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Review #40 Phillips Mass Extinction Ice Barley Wine

So, I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Its a limited run by Phillips that I was eager to try. And here it is, dancing on my palate and my tongue as I type this. 1st impression was ‘wow’ followed by ‘holy poop that’s got a kick’. Indeed this barley wine has an ABV of 12% ranking it higher than many wines in go juice power. Even though its in a 341ml bottle this premium beer is sold in singles to encourage moderation. It’s got the stopping power of nearly 3 beers under its belt. But don’t take it as just a heavyweight from the hooch perspective. This beast packs a punch. At a near chocolate colour this brew has a depth of toffee & caramel flavor that is unrivaled in my experience. To call it a bold beer is an understatement. Not only does it linger on your tongue but it also coats the roof of your mouth too. It is a nectar like no other. This is a winter beer that could easily heat you up in any situation.

Here’s #40 with a pencil drawn heart around it  Phillips Mass Extinction Ice Barley Wine

Did I mention that I like this beer a lot? But alas, its only for a short period of time. Oh well drink them while you can.

Leapbeerman out!

PS dadef, I got it at mvls.


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