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Leapbeer Reviews #42 and #43 – A Tale of Two Heavy’s part 1

So a quick visit to the Westerly Beer & Wine in Courtenay yielded a great treasure of beers. Included in that was #42 Driftwood Brewery’s Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine and #43 Phillips Hammer Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. I wanted to wade into the deeper pool of heavyweights with a (super)friend of mine, but again I should’ve done my research first. I plan to reacquire these to do a proper 2nd and better prepared tasting.

My preliminary feelings (and the general concensus) for the Barley Wine was that it was too sweet initially, and then too bitter at the end. Had I have read the website I could have seen that it is a cellar beer that is meant to be served at 13c.  The one thing about the Barley Wine’s that I’ve noticed is how syrupy they are. It almost coats your mouth like a thin cough syrup. As far as the stout went you could taste the sweetness of it being aged in a bourbon barrel.

The flavour of both of these beers is too complex for me to judge without a second tasting. Therefore, that is what I plan to do. As soon as I can.

Til I drink again.

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