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Leapbeer Review’s #45 and #46 a Duo of Innis & Gunn Original and Rum Cask

A big thank you to Frank for getting me these beers.

I’m starting off with the Original. Its a light amber beer that tastes very smooth. You definitely notice the hops, but they are accompanied with a toffee vanilla and malt. It is an oak cask aged beer that has a strange bubble to it that I’d call micro carbonation. Its very tasty, but it doesn’t have a super ‘beer’ flavour.

#45 on the leapbeer journey is Innis & Gunn Original

Secondly I’m trying the Rum Cask offering from Innis & Gunn. On their website they say that this is a red beer, but I’d call this a brown ale. I don’t get the ‘spice’ notes, but it does have a lingering flavour that echo’s the rum cask. Apparently my wife really likes this since she keeps reaching over and taking sips of it. That said, I’d call this an easy drinking dark amber beer with rum notes.

#46 Innis & Gunn Rum Cask

So there they are, the duo for the day. As far as which one I prefer, it’d be the original.

Thanks again for reading the leapbeer blog.

PS For those of you who’re saying “What happened to #44?” Its coming up soon, it’s a secret.

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