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Leapbeer Reviews #42 – A Tale of Two Heavy’s part 2 Old Cellar Dweller

So last time I tried these I felt that they weren’t given a fair shake, so I’m going at them again. 1st up is the Old Cellar Dweller Barleywine style ale by Driftwood. Its definitely not as sweet when drank at room temp, and it actually has more of a ‘wine’ feel to it. At the room temp you get all the floral notes in the brew. The other thing different is the harsh bitterness, it is still there but more stunted. The way you’d think of Wasabi as hot for a brief period of time as opposed to habaneros as hot for a long period of time. Its still not an easy beverage to drink quickly, unlike the previous barley wine I had. This one, when served at the right temperature, is more of a drink to mull over. The flavors are beer, but refined. It is quite tasty. Now that I’m drinking it properly I really like it.

That said, I have a complaint. Dear Driftwood Brewery, I really wish you’d have put a proper serving temp notice on the bottle of this barley wine. Not that I am mad to be drinking it for a second time, but I feel that I wasted the previous bottle. I’ve seen some beer’s labelled with a serving temp suggestion, and this is one that could use that immensely. Admittedly you do have this info on the website, but I didn’t go to check that until after I’d finished the first bottle at a ‘normal’ fridge-chilled temp. Had I not been blogging about beers, I likely wouldn’t have even checked to see your site.

So, to sum up, I highly suggest trying this (if you can find it) BUT serve it at room temp (aprx 13 degrees)

#42 again, Driftwood’s Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine

3rd part of this is being written soon, so stay tuned. It’ll be hammertime again here soon.

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