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Leapbeer Review #50 Total Eclipse of the Hop Imperial IPA by Howe Sound Brewery

This is starting to be a bit of a broken record, but I yet again find myself drinking an uberhoppy imperial ipa. One thing to start off with I’d that this one stands in the shadows when compared¬† to fat tug or gib’s imperial ipa. That said, this is still one very tasty beer.

It pours to a rich amber. It has a fragrant hops, almost fruity in its delivery. Its a very large serving, easy to share with other beer lovers.

I’ve read that these uber hopped IPA’s are good with spicy food so that’s my next test for this bad boy.

In addition, I find the choice of clever name a bit misleading. The hops aren’t eclipsed. But if it was called the ‘king of hops’ it’d be a bit too on the nose. I’d love to see some #musicalbeernames so if you can think of them tweet with that hash tag.

Here’s #50 Total Eclipse of the Hop Imperial IPA by Howe Sound Brewery


Well that ends this chapter, thanks for reading

PS If this was a dr seuss book it’d be ‘Hop on Hops’.

Leapbeer Review #49 Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale by Rogue

So this is an American craft brew by Rogue brewing with direction by iron chef Morimoto. It’s a tasty brown ale, with a mild bitterness. It poured to a frothy tan head, and has a lightness about it. I don’t get all the notes they say on their website but that could be the serving temp.

I’d call it a better than average craft brew, but nothing to set my world on fire.

Here’s #49 Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale by Rogue Brewery


I do intend to revisit this beer at least once to get a second opinion. Perhaps trying it at a different temp as well.

Thanks for reading

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