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Leapbeer Review #58 Dunkelweizen Dark Wheat Beer by Big Rock

So tonight I again sample from the donations of Frank, thanks off the hops for this one.

I delve again into the pool of dark wheat beers. This is the 2nd dunkel I’ve had so far, and its definitely better than my previous one (sorry Phillips).

It pours to an dark brown, but not cloudy. I would’ve expected it to be cloudy like a hefeweizen. Onto the taste, this is a malty beer. It has all the crisp nature of a wheat beer with a delicious hint of a 5 malt blend in the aftertaste. That said I quite like this beer.

#58 is Dunkelweizen Dark Wheat Beer by Big Rock Brewery

PS I’m rapidly approaching the end of my 2nd month and wanted to do something special for the leapday. If you had any suggestions please feel free to comment about them or tweet me @heavycf

Thanks for reading, and I bid you good drinking.

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