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Leapbeer Review #60 – Overboard Imperial Pilsner by Lighthouse Brewery

This review has an added feature, comments from the leapbeer wife. She agreed to join me for today’s review so welcome Molly to the Leapbeer Blog.

First off she wanted to say that it is excellent that Lighthouse included so much information about the beer on the bottle. Explanations of the flavour profile as well as suggested serving glass are a great touch. I’ve started serving most of my beers in a tulip glass already, so we had that covered.

The look of the beer is a golden but clear beer. I served it straight from the fridge in a frosty glass.

The biggest note I get from this beer is the hops. If you are a regular reader then you will know that I am a big fan of big hops beers. That first taste hits me, and I’m in. I like the fact that this beer resides in my mouth for a good while after I have had a sip. It tends to sit at the back of your mouth, waiting to be replenished. The fact that this beer has such a bold flavour shouldn’t be a surprise since this is part of their “Big Flavour” series.

Here’s Molly’s notes. Its very smooth at first, and then I get a lingering bitter taste. Its definitely a sipping beer, otherwise the bitterness is overpowering for her taste. She does like a lighter beer. That said it is “definitely a bold flavour”. Surely this is more bold than she is used to, and therefore, perhaps too much for her. “I guess I’m just a beer wimp. Well I’m not a beer wimp I’m a hop wimp.”

Here’s #60 Overboard Imperial Pilsner by Lighthouse Brewery

We sign off now, a little bit wiser and a little bit educated.

I thank you for reading and bid you good drinking.

Leapbeer OUT!


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One thought on “Leapbeer Review #60 – Overboard Imperial Pilsner by Lighthouse Brewery

  1. Welcome Molly! I am sure learning a lot about beer!

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