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Leapbeer Review #61 Squire Scotch Ale by Cannery Brewing

Tonight I’m sampling again from the cannery brewery in penticton bc. The Squire Scotch Ale is named after the Country Squire, a fine dining establishment in Naramata (note, not a nut).

This beer pours to a clear caramel colour with a fair amount of carbonation.

It has a hint of fruitiness in scent. The flavor is all malts. Not a sweet malt but a complex one. It even has some bitterness to it also, just a touch though.

I would say that this is a beer that I’m liking, though I doubt I’d seek it out on a regular basis. I’d see it better served during the summer months on a hot day instead of your usual lager fare.

Here’s #61 Squire Scotch Ale by Cannery Brewing


Thanks for reading, and I bid you good drinking.

Added notes, I’m excited to have some new interest in the blog. Thank you all for reading and spreading the word. Please read the FAQ to answer any questions. Also please comment and tell me where you heard about this. I’m really curious to see where the new readers are coming from. I need suggestions for what to do on the 29th. I may do a big post with a compilation of new reviews, or have a tasting event.


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