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Leapbeer Review #63 London Style Porter by Propeller Brewing Company

The next beer sent into the leapbeer journey is London Style Porter by Propeller Brewing Company. I’m going to do two different tastings, one from fridge cold and another at room temp. The bottle says to keep refrigerated, but some comments on their site say to serve at room temp.

This is a porter pours to a near jet black. On to the taste.

On first notice the beer when cold seems good. A slight hint of licorice on the nose. I quite like the taste. It doesn’t taste of licorice, thats the smell. The taste is more dark roasted malt with a bitter back. Their is definite hops, albeit muted by the malt. The site lists this at an IBU of 39 which should place it middle of the road on the bitterness scale. I don’t really see that myself. I was told that a 39-45 is the same bitterness of say Phillips Hop Circle or most craft brew IPA’s. This is seemingly less bitter than a hop circle in my opinion. Perhaps I’ll have to test that and see. I’m gonna let the beer sit out of the fridge now so it can warm up and I can resume review.

So I let the beer sit for a while to acclimate. And that faint smell I got when cold is very present. In fact all the flavours are more pronounced. The malted hops have a real caramel-esque taste and the hops gives you a nice bitter slap at the end. This is definitely a beer that deserves to be served at the right temp. Unlike others that I didn’t like cold but did like room temp, this one is good both ways. That said, it is so much better when served at 13c.

Please do yourself the favor and drink this at room temperature if you’re adventuring into the weightier waters of porter beers. I highly recommend this drink, when right its fantastic.

#63 in the Leapbeer Journey, London Style Porter by Propeller Brewing Company

I’m gonna end this post with a quote.
“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy” – Benjamin Franklin

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One thought on “Leapbeer Review #63 London Style Porter by Propeller Brewing Company

  1. Ah, Halifax. Propeller Brewery is one of my fondest remberances of the 2 years spent on the East Coast. It was the first time I had seen a growler. And the first time I had ever seen a Growler-Purse fit for 2 of those big boys. It was a 90 minute commute from my house in the Valley to arrive at the threshold of this fine establishment, but well worth the trip. When I make my way back to the maritimes one day,I will be sure to go see Bobby Z down at Propeller. And maybe, just maybe, share the story of how we met that cold stormy night in Halifax in beer days to come.

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