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Leapbeer Review #64 Well’s IPA by Wells & Young’s Brewing Company

So I acquired a 4 pack of these tallboys at my local lq store. I was impressed with the quality of the Courage Directors Ale that I wanted to get this for a review, and for a future en devour.

It pours quite a bit darker than most basic IPA’s I’ve tried. While it is a darker IPA it isnt so much a more profoundly flavorful one. The scent on the nose is almost farm like. Like a veggie garden or something. I did a bit of research on Beer Advocate about this and it is a similar comment/complaint about this beer. The taste isn’t bad. That said it is not the hoppy IPA that I’ve had a run of lately. I can hardly compare this beer to the Imperial IPA or the Fat Tug (I heart u fat tug). If I wanted to compare it to a more commonly accessible IPA I’d say it is more between an Alexander Keiths IPA and a Hop Circle IPA by Phillips. There is a hops taste in it, but I get it more from the beer burp than the beer itself. This beer also seems to be quite carbonated.

I am enjoying this beer, and I look forward to seeking out more of these brewers releases.

Here’s #64 Wells IPA by Wells & Young’s Brewing Company of the UK

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Leapbeer Out!

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