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Leapbeer Review #65 Baron Bohemian Tmavy Lezak aka Lobkowicz Baron

This beer hails from the Czech Republic, and it has quite an interesting tale. At least the brewery does. Here’s an excerpt from their site.
The brewery in Vysoky Chlumec was established in 1466 and the Lobkowicz family purchased it in 1474. The Lobkowicz family has a long brewing tradition. It was interrupted only in 1939 when the brewery was confiscated by Nazis and the Lobkowicz family was forced to exile to Great Britain. After World War II they returned to Czechoslovakia just to see the communists take over their properties, including the brewery in 1948.

In 1992 the brewery was returned to Lobkowicz family and American born William Lobkowicz took over management of the family’s assets in the Czech Republic.

The Lobkowicz brewmaster starts with pure water from the brewery’s artesian wells and bohemian barley, which is turned into, malt in their own malt house. He brews the lagers in traditional copper brewing vats, adding aromatic Saaz hops by hand. Open fermentation enhances the beers unique character, and the final balance is rounded off by months spent in the lager cellars. Each small brew is released only after the brewmaster has personally tasted the result of his craftsmanship.

The beers brewed in the Lobkowicz brewery point to the family’s royal roots – Prince is a blonde bock, Knight is a bohemian style lager and Baron is a dark lager.”

As put there the Baron is their dark beer. This is very refreshing and light for such a dark lager. It pours to a near dark brown with a flowery scent. The taste is quite nice, its a mild malt and mild hops with a crisp finish.

This is a really easy drinking import that serves from a 500ml bottle. Quite reasonable at the LQ as well.

#65 is Baron Bohemian Tmavy Lezak aka Lobkowicz Baron

I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am. Leapbeer is turning into beerducation for me.


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3 thoughts on “Leapbeer Review #65 Baron Bohemian Tmavy Lezak aka Lobkowicz Baron

  1. Ah, yes. The Baron. This is my college crush. Used to buy it by the (oversized) box. And still enjoy it and it’s accompanying stroll down memory lane from time to time. Cheers to the Sweet ol’ fella who introduced us way back when.

  2. jerry m on said:

    Sorry to informed you, that this beer is not from Lobkowicz brewery. Originally Baron beer sold in Canada was, but then label changed so did taste and not just little. :o((( So I contacted Lobkowicz brewery and they confirm, that they don’t export Baron beer to Canada anymore. So who is brewing this one. It suck ,,YAK,,,

  3. Lobkowicz was bought out by a beer consortium and ceased to be a craft brewery.
    They do not produce Baron anymore.
    It is brewed by Pernstein in Pardubice, a true craft brewery.

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