Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Review #71 Fullers 1845

I’m reviewing an import that was a gift from a co-worker. Thanks Frank for helping out the cause.

This beer was first brewed in 1995 to celebrate Fuller’s 150th anniversary.

It pours to a deep amber, near brown colour with a light head. There are deep scents of molasses in this beer from the roasted malts.

This beer tastes very complex. There is a definite sweetness from the combination of the malts in this beer. The rich taste echoes the molasses that it smells of. It also has a crisp hoppy finish to it. So it’s a rich and sweet beginning with a sharp & bitter end. Where most malty beers linger in the palate this one ends. It is a sipper of a beer, not a quaffer.

I know I throw these terms in my reviews, so I figured I should clarify what I mean by them. A sipper is a complex beer that is (as you may have guessed) better sipped, A quaffer, on the other hand, is an easily consumed beer. That’s not to say that quaffers aren’t complex, they just have an ‘ease of drinking’ if you will. Beer advocate refers to what I call quaffers as session beers. I’m not sure what else a sipper would be called.

Tangents be damned, back to the review. To say that I was in love with this beer from the first sip is a lie. In fact it started with a bit of a recoil. It is a very sweet beer at the start. As consuming it continues, this beer gets easier and easier to drink. Its a very complex beer, but definitely worth your time.

#71 is Fullers 1845 Cask Ale

Thanks for reading and enjoy responsibly

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