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Leapbeer Review #72 French Oak Stiff Stout by Dead Frog Brewery

Leapbeer gets another kick at the can in the Dead Frog Brewery’s Brewmaster series. As you may recall from the review of their Chocolate Mint Brown Ale I was not a fan. It is definitely in the list of worst beers I’ve had so far. Bottom 10 for sure. I’m trying to keep it craft brew oriented so the bland Anheuser-Busch/Molson/Labatt offerings earn honorary zeros.

Lets hope this brew breaks my preconceived notions about this brand based on recent experience.

It pours to a rich dark black with a minimal head. It has little to no scent. Taste wise it has a rich malty stout flavor with a sharp bitterness in its finish. You definitely get the taste of the oak barrel aging. Part of the lingering bitterness tastes earthy or woody. I couldn’t tell if it was French oak or North American oak though, but I digress.

Initially I liked this beer, but as it gets a little bit warmer the bitterness is getting more and more pronounced. The earthiness too is even sharper. It lingers in the mouth for a very long time. By the end of the glass I was done with it. Sorry to say, but the second half of the bottle went down the drain.

I’d say that its not a bad beer in small quantities, but not one that I’d go for if I wanted a good stout. While I appreciate what they are trying to do with this beer I’d much rather it be in a smaller portion. This isn’t my first foray into barrel aged stouts, but it is an interesting take on beers in general. I think the Bourbon barrel aged one by Phillips actually imbued more enhancing flavors into their beer.

To sum up, this beer is conceptually interesting but flawed. Drink at your own risk.

#72 is French Oak Stiff Stout by Dead Frog Brewery

Not all beers are created equal

Leapbeer Out

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