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Leapbeer Review #73 Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale by Phillips Brewery

Tonight’s sampling comes again from Victoria’s Phillips Brewery. Its another in their limited run series that has come back year to year. To be honest, I was leery about trying this beer due to Left4beer’s rather scathing review here.

I poured this beer, and it is a really rich amber. In fact the depth of amber encouraged me to find a better vantage for taking the picture of this beer to show it off. The brisk smell of citric hops that you get while pouring this beer is powerful and entrancing.

Tasting on this beer did not go well. I didn’t expect it from a red ale, but this is a very hoppy beer. The level of hops in this brew seems to be overpowering the malt notes. This beer is less of a red ale as it is more a red headed stepchild of a hopped up IPA.

I feel that this beer suffers from a case of mistaken identity. It’s not terrible, but its not something I could go for again. At least not again this year. I’m sorry Phillips, I’ve been a supporter of yours in the past. I feel this beer is more of miss, not a hit.

#73 was Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale by Phillips

If one thing, at least taking this pic made me want to clean my house better (not I said made me want to, not made me)

At this point I did a bit of math for my beer how many beers I’ve done so far. I’m now just over 20% completion of the leapbeer project. Of the 73 beers I’ve sampled so far, 45.2% were Imports, 24.7% were Vancouver Island Craft Beers, 21.9% were BC Craft Beers, 4.1% were Canadian Craft Beers and 4.1% were Canadian Domestics. I hope to bump up the numbers of the VI and BC Beers before the year is through. I hope to get every available Vancouver Island beer available into this blog.

One funny thing about this, it made me remember the ridiculous Double Dragon movie from back in the 90’s starring Scott Wolf and .. hey wait, isn’t that the chairman from Iron Chef America?

Enjoy Responsibly folks
Leapbeer Out!

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