Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Review #75 Farmhand Ale by Driftwood.

Having had a really bad run of beers lately I went with a recommendation to try this beer from Driftwood. I’ve had it in the past, but its been so long that I forgot what it was like. It’s a style of beer called a Belgian Saison or Farmhouse Ale. There’s information about the recipe on their site, but the standout ingredient to me is black pepper.

So as as you can see from the picture it pours to a cloudy amber with about a 1cm head. It has a very pleasant smell of fruit to it. It tastes quite nice and refreshing. It has a wonderful blend of both sweet and crisp bitters. And it finishes with a peppery pop. Not so much that it overpowers the taste. Just enough to let you know it was there.

I tip my hat to @xaendovet for suggesting this, thank you very much.

#75 on the Leapbeer Journey is Farmhand Ale by Driftwood Brewery in Victoria BC.

Leapbeer signing off for now. Enjoy Responsibly folks.

Editorial note: I apologize to anyone who accidentally got sent an early review this morning. I was proofreading a review for post on the 13th, and I accidentally posted it.


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