Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Review #77-79 Mill St Seasonal Sampler Part 1

So I picked up a the Seasonal Sampler from my local lq the other day. It’s a great sampler of 6 different offerings from Toronto’s Mill St Brewery. It’s a perfect little acquisition for the leapbeer journey. Let’s begin shall we.

So I open it up and find the following. A coffee Porter, A Franconian Ale, A Tankhouse Ale, An ESB, An Organic Ale and a Stock Ale.

I decided to start with the Extra Special Bitter or ESB. This beer pours to a deep amber with a minimal head. It smells of sweet malts. Their site has some interesting information. It states there that the malt and hops are imported from England, as Bitter is a popular beer style from over there. The taste of it is really nice. It has medium carbonation, and the sweets and bitters are balanced perfectly. I quite like it. Their info also hints that the lingering taste is of chocolate and black currants. I don’t quite pick that up but it does leave a taste of fruit on the palate. At a relatively low ABV 4.6% and a 341ml serving size this is a perfect quaffer (or session beer if you will).

#77 is ESB by Mill St Brewery

If you are a fan of this style of beer, I definitely recommend it.

Secondly I decided to go with the Organic Lager. It has a light scent of yeast on the nose. Its golden hue is very inviting, and the taste as well. It is definitely more than your usual lager fare. It has a real ease going down, a definite quaffer. It finishes crisp. The ABV of 4.2% may seem low, but this is no ‘light’ beer. Reading on the bottle this actually takes 2 to 3 times longer to make than most regular beers, and it shows it in the fine arrangement of flavours. A great beer no doubt.

#78 Organic Lager by Mill St Brewery.

I went on from there to the Tankhouse Ale. This is a delightful pale ale that pours to a deep copper/amber colour. It has very complex malts and a crisp hop finish. I’d love to say more about this beer, but my previous notes got deleted by my blog software. I guess I should’ve had a backup. If I find this again down the road I’ll do a BFtP post about it to give it its proper due. It is definitely a tasty beer.

#79 is Tankhouse Ale by Mill St Brewery

So ends the first part of my review of the Mill St Seasonal Sampler. Unfortunately these beers aren’t available in my area any other way than in this sampler. Thankfully they have some very on-the-ball reps that respond to emails after hours to let me know that the Strathcona Beer and Wine in Victoria carries their beers. As that town is a prime destination for my leapbeer journey this wannabe Van Isle craft brew complete-ist will be sure to go there to restock.

Thanks for reading & Drink Responsibly

Leapbeer Out!

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