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Leapbeer Reviews #80-82 Mill St Seasonal Sampler part 2

Continuing on from my last post, here’s the rest of the sampler. As I had posted before this 6 pack is comprised of 6 different beers making it great for a tasting blog like this. However if your blog site decides to eat your last draft containing the third review (like what happened to my tankhouse ale review), then there isn’t a secondary beer to re review with. I’ll chalk it up to experience. If down the road I find myself with another Tankhouse in hand I fully intend to post my notes about it.

The last three are comprised of The Stock Ale, the Coffee Porter, and the Franconian Bock. I intend to consume them in that order due to their likely flavour profiles (so I go lighter to stronger).

First up is The Stock Ale. This is a light golden ale. They list this as the “Ultimate Hockey Beer” or “Ultimate Cottage Beer”. I think that loosely translates to a west coast fishing beer if it were in a can. It is a nice tasting golden ale. However this is a super lightweight compared to even the organic lager. There is very little carbonation to speak of. While I could see enjoying this on a hot day I’m not really feeling it right now. Don’t get me wrong, this is light years better then anything the big boys are coming up with. Something about Molson reminds me about The Simpsons where all 3 styles of Duff all came from the same tap. But I digress. As they note on their site the only presence of the hops is a bit on the nose before you sip it. If you drank it straight from the bottle you’d likely miss it.

#80 is Stock Ale by Mill St Brewery

Next I went with the Coffee Porter. Jet black pour with a nice sized head on top. This beer has the added component of Balzac coffee to the flavouring. I’ve had a couple of porters on this journey so far, so I’m not sure what to expect so far. First sip, my impression is wow. The strength of coffee flavour is impressive. I’m a big time coffee drinker, so drinking this is a treat. I don’t get any hint of a scent on the nose with this beer. It finishes crisp and clean. I don’t know what else to say, thumbs up, I’m in. I love this beer. It is the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things, beer and coffee. If there was some way to mix bacon in I doubt I would consume nothing else.

#81 is Coffee Porter by Mill St Brewery

Lastly I have the Franconian Bock. This is a Doppelbock or a Double Bock. For more information about Bock beer’s check out this wikipedia link. This beer pours to a clear copper colour with a minimal head on it. The carbonation is almost non-existent to upon looking in the glass. You get a hint of the hops in the scent. When you sip it your mouth fills with a lovely rich malt flavour, followed by a hop bite. This goes down easier than a 7.7% beer should. I’m definitely a fan of it.

#82 is Franconian Bock by Mill St Brewery.

Well that concludes my review of the seasonal sampler by Mill St Brewery. Hopefully they’ll have a bit better distribution in my area when I get a hankering for one of their products in the future. I know I will, since they were mostly so good. My favorite of the bunch was the Coffee Porter and least was the Stock Ale, however they were all good beers. Just some were better than others. None of them seemed harsh enough to not be a quaffing or session beer. Even the Franconian Bock went down really easy. I haven’t had much exposure to this brewery before now, but they are definitely on my radar now. Well done Mill Street Brewing, I thank you for your work. It’s delicious.

Thanks for reading and please drink responsibly

Til I drink again

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