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Leapbeer Review #83 Father John’s Winter Ale by Howe Sound Brewing

Tonight I’m sampling from the winter seasonal offering from Howe Sound Brewing. To be honest I was kind of hesitant due to the bottle where listing flavours it reads “complex blend of ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, molasses, honey and yellow sugar.”

That’s a mouthful. Howe Sound typically uses these 1l bottles with their pot-stopper to retain carbonation. This beer is 7% ABV, so it’s up there a bit.

It pours to a cloudy copper with nearly no carbonation. My first sip tasted like an all out attack on my taste buds. It was very powerful. Almost so much that I considered calling this a write off and dumping the bottle. Feeling that this could have been a cop out, I soldier on and keep drinking.

As I keep going this beer starts to lengthen out in the taste and I start to see the separate notes. The ginger and cinnamon are initially overpowering, but they begin to soften revealing the other tastes. I think they brewed this beer low in carbonation, so that the ginger and cinnamon can stimulate your  palate instead. Its like they tried to cram a gingerbread house into a beer bottle, but not in an entirely bad way.

Its definitely not a session ale. I’d suggest this for the adventurous beer drinker. This is likely a beer I’d only drink once a year.

#83 is Father John’s Winter Ale

Thanks for reading.

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