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Leapbeer Review Red Horse Beer Extra Strong

I’m not quite sure why I bought this beer from mvls the other day. It made its way into my fridge, so it’ll make its way into my blog.  Would this be a golden find on my journey? Or would this be a dud?

This beer is a malt liquor. It pours to a golden hue with no head. It smells quite sweet. This beer is rated at a high test 8.0% ABV. It is not masked at all in the taste. This stuff doesn’t just taste bad, its repulsive.

I don’t know who the market for this beer is, but it isn’t me. I’ve drank malt liquor before, but I never recall it being this bad. Their commercial tagline is “Experience that distinctive full-flavoured taste and extra satisfying strength of a world class premium beer.” Talk about a crock of crap. This stuff is a waste of time and a waste of space. This beer is so bad I’m not even going to include it in my leapbeer list.

Behold the putrescence.

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