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Leapbeer Review #89 Amnesiac Double IPA by Phillips

Phillips calls this the bigger & meaner cousin of the hop circle IPA. I’m more inclined to call it the bad ass older brother with a motorcycle and greased out hair that only a few people understand. This is another bold IPA for the leapbeer blog, and thats a good thing. As I have gone on at length before, I’m a hophead. I love me some citric centennial (or is it cascade I can’t figure it out) hops in my beers. Well in the appropriate beers that is, not say … imperial red ales (*cough double dragon cough*).

This beer pours to a gorgeous golden transparent with a healthy head on top. The smell of citrus is right there with you the whole way. Only a touch of malt flavour in the sip and then its all hoppy glory. This beer is well carbinated, and leaves a delicate lacing on the glass. This is a strong IPA (8.5% ABV) but it drinks like a 6. So be careful. Don’t go all hoppysocks on us and get yourself into trouble.

Hoppy, bold and delicious.

#89 is Amnesiac Double IPA by Phillips

Enjoy Responsibly

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