Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Review #105 Tandem Double Ale by Pike Brewing Company

I picked this beer up the other day at Top Shelf Liquor Store in Courtenay. This is from Pike Brewing Company in Seattle, located just by the famous Pike Place Market. I’ve seen the owner/brewer on HDNet’s Drinking Made Easy. He’s quite the knowledgeable sort of fellow when it comes to beer history.

This beer  is strong ale, brewed more like a Belgian dubbel with Belgian yeast. It pours to a very dark brown in the glass with a 1cm head. They call the colour ‘dark chocolate’ and I concur. It really smells of the yeast on the nose. You really taste the belgian yeast in the flavour of this beer along with the roasted malts. It is a lingering flavour that is followed by a light hop bitterness. Its obviously flavoured with a deeply roasted malt, but I am mostly getting the yeast. This is a high test dubbel that weighs in at 7.0% ABV. Its served in a 650ml bomber so consume safely. I started using a wine vacu stopper to drink my bombers 1 glass at a time. It so far hasn’t been bad. I’ve ended up consuming them within a day or two of opening though, but I digress. This beer leaves a nice lacing in the glass. This really is a unique beer for me as I’ve not had anything I’d consider close to it. Its for sure a drinking experience, and I like it.

#105 is Tandem Double Ale by Pike Brewing Company

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