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Leapbeer Review #108 Switchback IPA by Lighthouse Brewery

1st off, a correction about something I posted on a previous review. I said that this beer was available in 341ml bottles, it is actually a 355ml bottle. Same volume as your standard size can of beer. It seems trivial, but I wanted to make sure that correct information is out there.

This is the new IPA from Lighthouse. It’s been out for a couple of months, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating trying it. I’ve seen a few glowing reviews of this beer, so here goes. It pours to a lovely golden amber with a citric smelling head on top. You really smell the hops that make PNW IPA’s proud. It smells of grapefruit rind. This tastes like a really good IPA. It is a 6.5%ABV so this is a good session beer. It coats your mouth with its lovely bitterness. Hop lovers rejoice, another contender for PNW IPA king has arrived.

My only real complaint about this beer is the label art. I get the whole Switch Back mountain ride idea, but I really think it could have been done better. They have some excellent labels. I’m a real fan of the ones from their Big Flavour series.

Again I digress. Back to the beer. It leaves some delicate lacing in the glass. Its a treat to drink, and I look forward to my next one.

#108 is Switchback IPA by Lighthouse Brewery

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