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Leapbeer Review #114 Brooklyn Lager By Brooklyn Brewery

This next beer has something of an interesting back story to it. It’s not noted on their site, but this beer recipe actually dates back to the pre prohibition era. It is a dry hopped beer which is an aroma enhancer, without adding the bitterness. It’s the Brooklyn Breweries flagship/namesake beer. Bought as a 6-pack from MVLS it comes in 355ml bottles at a 5.2% ABV, making it a great session ale.

It pours to a lovely deep amber colour with about a 1cm head. It smells of lager beer, light malts and yeast. It tastes very malty. It also has considerable bitterness for a lager. This makes it a treat to drink, and it doesn’t get boring. It is well carbonated. Also it leaves a nice lacing in the glass. There is a real floral note to from the hops, likely from the dry hopping.

#114 is Brooklyn Lager by Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY)

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