Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Review #115 Czech Pilsner by Longwood Brewpub

Recently having been through Nanaimo I decided to grab a growler full of beer from Longwood Brewpub. I make it a habit to stop there any chance I get. They hadn’t changed their tap menu since I’d been there last, so I picked their Czech Pilsner to try. I may have had it before, but I didn’t remember it. Surely it had been a long time.

My growler full I pour a glorious golden glass of this tasty beverage. It has a slight smell of beer to it, no major hoppy or yeasty notes though. It has a real nice bitter note in the sip. It coats the mouth nicely. It is a really easy drinking pislner. At 5.5% ABV this is a great session ale. I’m a fan of the growler fill as it gives you a long time to savour beer. If it sucked then you’d be stuck with a bunch of bad beer, but with this one it was great. It may have been a long time since I’d had it before I don’t believe it’ll be a long break between tastings again.

One other note, the longwood website says they use a generous dose of saaz hops. This (according to wikipedia) is the same hops that the original Czech Pilsner is made with.

A couple days later I went back to this to polish the growler off. I drank it while eating a quite spicy & acidic salad, and this beer held up well. A perfect quaff after a spicy bite.

I apologize for the picture. I usually don’t take the pic when its already been drank, but I forgot with this beer. You’d think that with 64oz of beer I’d have ample time to take a great picture of it. I just plum forgot to do it.

#115 is Czech Pilsner by Longwood Brewpub (Nanaimo BC)

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