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Leapbeer Review #122 Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale by Rogue Brewery

Imagine if you will a mad scientist. In an attempt to cobble together some of the worlds most sought after tastes he produces a frothy alcoholic beverage that he feels has fit the bill. Is this a culinary abomination ala Danny Devito’s Vincent Benedict? Or is it an Alcoholic Adonis ala Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Julius Benedict.

Yes you read that title right. It is a maple doughnut and bacon infused beer.

To say that they went with a somewhat ostentatious packaging is an understatement. The pepto bismol coloured bottle practically dances off the shelf. A special thanks and tip of the hat goes to Kevin for picking this up for me. I only recently heard about this beer, but the idea of it intrigued me.

When you crack the bottle you are hit with the scent of maple syrup. It pours to a lovely deep amber. If you smell it from about 3 inches away from the glass you get all maple syrup. The closer you get to the glass then the bacon hits you. It is super powerful. I’m almost afraid of drinking it. I’m tempted and scared in the same go. This is probably the closest to an adrenaline rush I’ll get from drinking beer.

The smokiness of the bacon is really overpowering. It tastes less bacon-ish and more burnt. It is less in the taste of the beer, and more in the smell of it. If you drink it without smelling it isn’t that bad. I’m not saying that the beer is terrible, it’s just really bowls you over with the smell. I’m still not sure if I’m going to go drink the 2nd half of this frankenbrew.

This is likely an experience I won’t be doing regularly. However I’m glad to say that I’ve had it.

Just a note about the beer, it displays a marriage of 2 of Oregon’s premiere establishments. Voodoo Doughnuts has made the Maple Bacon Bar famous, and Rouge Brewery has produced many a tasty beer.

Leapbeer #122 (YAY 33.33% Complete) is Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale by Rogue Brewery

Thanks again for reading. 1/3 in and still going strong.

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