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Leapbeer Review #123 Sol Limón y Sal

So I’m writing this review while abroad. I’m on vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

I’ve ran into issues trying to find Mexican craft beers so far, but this one kind of intrigued me. It’s a Sol beer with lime and salt.

It pours to a golden lager with no head. There is a smell of lime for sure with it. When you drink the beer it tastes exactly as advertised, like a Sol with lime and salt. The saltiness in it is more prevalent than I would have expected. It doesn’t taste terrible. I’d like go back for another. I’m not sure why people add salt to their beers. Perhaps if you’re reading this and you know post it in the comments.

Leapbeer #123 is Sol w/ Limón y Sal


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3 thoughts on “Leapbeer Review #123 Sol Limón y Sal

  1. Oh, Oh Mexico, Sol is so hot, but no beer I know.

    I’ve read that there are two breweries in Mexico; Corona and Dos Eqis. It looks like craft beer has not been able to get traction there. Due perhaps to government restrictions. Maybe put in place by Big Beer?
    Hey, enjoy your vacay, and have a good Sol Brew for us. 🙂


    David Ivey
    BlackBucketBrew.com InBox Magazine Editor

  2. Jeff McBrine on said:

    Hmm, they got on the lime beer train too huh? With a twist of salt? This is odd…it’s not tequila, c’mon!

    When you back in the Riv?

  3. Molly on said:

    Wish I knew what it was like to be in Mexico drinking Dos Equis!

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