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Leapbeer Abroad – Reviews #124-126 Treasures of Gwal Mar

The next beers I found while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta were somewhat odd. My wifes father and spouse live in PV half of the year and they took us to what the locals call “Gwal-mar”. In case you didn’t guess it’s Wal-Mart. We were there getting some supplies and I stumbled upon a few beers I figured I’d never see again. Of course that meant I HAD to buy them.

Here’s the haul.

First off is the beer from Argentina, Quilmes. Quilmes is a light golden lager. It does pour to about a 1cm head and it has some good head retention. It smells of lager yeast, as one would expect. It has a nice slight bitterness to it. It was a welcome change to the relatively bland beers our resort was offering. My wife enjoyed this beer too, saying it had ‘zing’ and ‘a sparkle’. I think she meant it had a refreshing balance of bitterness and carbonation. It came in a 355ml can and had an ABV of 4.9%.

Leapbeer #124 is Quilmes Cerveza from Argentina

Next we found 2 beers from another South American country, this time Uruguay. First from Patricia is their Dunkel.

This beer pours to a deep chocolate brown. It smells of deep malts and molasses. Tastes overly malted for my taste. Its very sweet, almost cloyingly so. I didn’t like it.  I did, however, like the embossed P bottle. Even though it was only a 300ml tiny guy. ABV was 5.4%

#125 is Patricia Dunkel

Next from Patricia is their Ltd Edition Porter. This beer had an award sticker on it. I had to do some digging but it was for Beer Cup Mexico 2010. It placed silver in the dark beer category. Here’s what the sticker looked like.

Here’s the awards page to verify their placement. They lost out to a mexican beer. Thank you google translate (I really need to practice my Spanish). This beer pours darker than the Dunkel. Almost the colour and head you’d see in an espresso. It smells very malty. Once I smelled it I was concerned that it’d be sickeningly sweet like the dunkel. I was surprised to find it had a wonderful bitterness to it. This beer was a great cap to this tasting.  Again served from their p embossed 300ml bottle this porter was slightly beefier at 5.8% ABV.

Leapbeer #126 was Patricia Ltd Edition Porter

This concludes the strange finds I got from our holiday. I didn’t want to post about the mexican beers because they were almost completely identical. I realize there were subtle nuances between Pacifico and Sol and Dos Equis etc etc , but they are all very bland lager beers in my opinion. If I was going to post about beers found abroad I wanted to post something out of the norm. One side note about the normal lager beers though. At one restaurant we went to called El Colequita in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle serves their Tecate (and only the Tecate) with 2 shrimps coming out of the can. I asked why they did this and the server just said “We wanted to make a tradition for this restaurant, and this is what we came up with”. The food here was mostly good and the price included tequila, desert and kaluha. But the shrimp in the beer fascinated me. Here’s a pic from another blog.

Thanks for reading.

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