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Leapbeer Review #130 Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Today’s post is of a beer I picked up a while ago on a trip to Victoria. I was intrigued by the idea of a pumpkin beer. Reading the information from their website  says that hundreds of pounds of pumpkin go into each batch. This beer pours to a deep amber/orange colour. It really has the scent of the pumpkin as well. My last time I had a beer even similar to this it didn’t go well. Let’s hope this one goes better.

It tastes not bad. It has a sweetness to it. You get a hint of the fruit in it as well. You’d expect it to be more omnipresent with this beer, but it’s more reserved. They balanced the finish with a nice dose of bitterness at the end of the taste. I’m thinking that the pumpkin adds more of a silkiness to this beer than a flavour. You get the smell of it, but less of the taste than I would expect. I do like this beer. It’s a definite change to the norm of even most craft beers. This beer is a seasonal offering from Brooklyn brewery, served in 355ml bottles at a 5.0%ABV.

Leapbeer #130 is Post Road Pumpkin Ale

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