Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Review #131 Indica India Pale Ale by Lost Coast Brewery

This next review is my first from the Lost Coast Brewery from Eureka California. I wasn’t quite sure why I picked it up, but when I was in O’hares liquor store it basically jumped into my basket. How could I say no. This India Pale Ale is unfiltered and (as they put it on the bottle) “Radically hopped to give it an intense spiritual aroma”.

The beer pours to a lovely translucent amber colour with about a 1cm head on top. I get the floral scent from the hops, but not the citric/grapefruit you’d expect from the high-hopped pnw IPA. It smell nice and pleasant. It tastes like a great dry IPA with a centennial/grapefruit kick in mid tasting. There’s some caramel-ish malt in it, and a nice bitter finish. As you drink it this beer leaves a nice lacing around the glass. It’s not a bad beer at all. I wouldn’t know where to get it on Vancouver Island, but if you see it and you’re an IPA fan I’d suggest giving it a try.

Leapbeer #131 is Indica Pale Ale by Lost Coast Brewery

Sorry for the clutter on the counter. I took a few shots of this beer but only the one had the label as clear as I wanted it. As you can see there its 12 ounces and a 6.5% ABV

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