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Leapbeer Review #135 Avatar Jasmine IPA by Elysian Brewing

This is officially post #100 to the Leapbeer blog. While I try not to throw my shoulder out patting myself on the back, I feel it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t dip into the pool of self deprication a bit to note that some of those posts were rehashing old information and site updates. I still remember how it felt when the idea behind leapbeer came to me. If you told me that I’d be over 1/3 of the way through it and I’d have a hundred blog posts under my belt I would’ve said something like “No way, sounds like too much work”.But here I am, in the 5th month of a 12 month journey and going strong. I’ve still got about a 2 week cushion of reviews built in because I know summer is coming, and it’s bound to be busy.

The next review is another beer I picked up in my recent pit stop at O’hares liquor store in Steveston, (Richmond). A fantastic little beer-centric store that I would’ve never known about if it wasnt for @JohnLimHing from Twitter. A big thank you to him for this. I’m sure I’ll be back there again before this journey is through (and after it as well).

Enough of all the glad handing, lets get to the beer!

As soon as I saw this beer I knew I had to get it to sample with my wife. She’s a plant nut so the idea of a jasmine infused IPA sounded like something she could get into. I was right. She saw the bottle in my basket and immediately grabbed another.

This beer pours to your typical golden/amber IPA colour. We split the 650ml bottle 3 ways (my sister was visiting for the tasting this day). I noticed in my glass that there was quite a bit of sediment in it. I’m guessing this is the Jasmine within it. Below is a picture of the sediment in my glass.

As soon as I cracked the bottle we all got hit with the floral scent. It was almost overpowering. When I drew the glass to my mouth it smelled so strong that it made me think of hand soap. My wife said it smelled like gummi bears. When you drink this it is surprisingly sweet. There is bitterness, but it seems overshadowed by the floral notes of the beer. The beer isn’t what I had expected, as this was very different from the only other Elysian IPA I’d had before (Idiot Sauvin). Both my wife and sister enjoyed this beer. Me, not as much. I’d consider it a one off for me.

Leapbeer #135 is Avatar Jasmine IPA by Elysian Brewery

100 posts down and who knows how many more I’m going to get to my final goal in December.

Thanks for reading.

PS As a side note to everyone who said “You’ll never even find 366 different beers let alone be able to drink them” A craft beer lover on twitter (@Jonnybeers) recently mentioned that he’d sampled & drank 71 unique different beers in April. Not so far this year, just in the month of April alone. What I’m doing seems like training wheels in comparison.

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