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Leapbeer Review #139 Cheakamus Chai Maple Ale by Whistler Brewing

I noticed this next beer while walking through my local government liquor store. It seemed like an interesting concept of a beer so I picked it up to try for the leapbeer journey. My last foray into a maple flavoured beer didn’t go well, so I’m hoping this one turns out differently. This seasonal rotation beer is my 2nd from Whistler Brewing. It is served from a 650ml bomber and has an ABV of 5.0%. I went to their website to see if it has some more information on it, but I was disappointed to see that it isn’t even listed here. I understand projects like this tend to be a bit of a 1 off for breweries. They still should put some info on the website. A little more digging and I found a post on Canadian Beer News about it. It reveals that their is real maple syrup added to the mash, and Chai added during the filtration process.

Right off the hop when you open this beer you smell the maple syrup. It smells authentic. Looking at it it is a deep brown beer with considerable carbonation. I tasted it and it is very sweet. Initially the carbonation really fills my mouth. The smell of the maple syrup seems to amplify the sweetness on the palate for me. The tasting notes really sit in the back of my mouth, palate and on my teeth. I don’t get the chai at all. My sister, who joined us for this tasting, said she tasted the chai when she plugged her nose to drink it.

For my taste this wasn’t very good. Too sweet and no hint of bitter. Something that I can say that I’ve had, but will never have again.

Leapbeer #139 is Cheakamus Chai-Maple Ale by Whistler Brewing

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