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Leapbeer Review #164 Mill St Lemon Tea Beer

There’s been a fair amount of buzz this year behind a certain big box brewing company getting into an iced-t flavoured beer this year. While I do not doubt that their product is terrible, reflecting on this release gave me pause to wonder if a tea flavoured beer can actually be good. The only other tea inspired beer I’ve had was a chai variant, and the tea flavour barely made an appearance. I could hardly even notice it, in that beer. I knew that Mill st has produced a beer of this vein, so I decided to source one out for the Leapbeer journey.

This flavoured beer uses a wheat beer base for its fruity canvas. Wheat lends itself well to this because of its crisp finish and slight flavour profile. When you pour this beer you get a nice frothy unfiltered and cloudy beer with a white head on top that dissipates quite quickly. You get a slight scent of lemon when you sniff the head on this beer. As you may guess you get a good taste of tea in this beer. Its brewed with both Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe styles of tea. Remarkably you get both in the taste. Both the creaminess of the earl grey and the sharpness of the pekoe. And then they follow it up with a sharp tart lemon drop finish. It kind of reminds me of an Arnold Palmer, a half IceT half lemonade drink. This beer finishes nicely and goes down smooth, a great sessioner. I can see this being great for a hot day or while out at the beach.

I tried a couple of these cans. While they both tasted the same, one cane had tonnes of sediment in it. It really doesn’t surprise me when I see this in flavoured beers of this nature. I just thought it was worth mentioning that if you get one with sediment in it, it still tastes good. I realize the hardcore beer geeks out there may scoff at this being a beer that I liked, but I’m not a hardcore beer geek. It is a solid beer that I do enjoy.

Leapbeer #164 is Mill St Lemon Tea Beer by Mill St Brewery

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