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Leapbeer Review #177 Wildfire IPA by Cannery Brewing

Leapbeer has really been a journey of discovery for me. While I previously considered myself a ‘cautiously adventurous beer consumer’ this time I’ve tipped even further towards that precipice. I now peer towards the chasm that is the rabbit hole of craft beers. This year has also been one of firsts for me too. The Wildfire IPA by Cannery Brewing marks my first black IPA. I’d be amiss to not note that India Pale Ale’s have been a regular beer style for me for the past decade. BUT good IPA’s, truly good ones, I’ve only experienced in the past 2 years. As a person who enjoys all styles off beer I’m curious to see how this dark version of my beloved beer comes off.

I poured the beer and wow, they weren’t kidding about it being a black beer. It’s jet black. So black that it won’t even let maximillion escape. A deep black pour with a beige head on it. I smell the beer and get a real hit of roasted malt. The bottle advertises fierce hop, gentle bite. I’m guessing they aggressively hopped it, but in a way that wouldn’t overwhelm the roasted malts. When drank cold It tastes more like a porter to me. I get some latent bitterness from the hops, but I don’t smell them. I’m going to let it acclimate a bit to the room temp before I finish the glass.

When warmed up a bit this beer does something I have never experienced before. The malts get attenuated and the hops get amplified. I get all of the bold hoppy ipa flavour, but with a muted rich roasted malt undercurrent. Normally with beers when they are served at a closer to room temp (10c) the malts get amplified. In the case of this beer it is the opposite. This is a feat I’m sure the brew staff at Cannery would hesitate to share. It’s be easy to call them crazy for not sharing, but in truth, they’re the Naramata Nuts.

Both cool or tepid this beer is smooth. For my first black IPA I’m glad to say I like it.

Leapbeer #177 is Wildfire IPA by Cannery Brewing

Cannery made this beer as a tribute to those who fight forest fires every year in the interior. Kudos to them for that, those men and women are very brave and deserve such honor.

Thanks for reading

PS: I included a fairly random movie quote in this review, if you know it share in the comments.

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