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Leapbeer Field Trip – Townsite Brewing in Powell River

I took leapbeer on the road again, this time taking the opportunity to visit Townsite Brewing in Powell River. This recent addition to the BC craft beer community opened their doors just this year. They opened up in the old post office building in the northern area of Powell River. This is what their building looked like when they took over (borrowed from their website)

Unfortunately the day we were visiting there it was raining too much for us to take pictures of the outside. Suffice it to say they have now added a nice sign to the outside, and a chalkboard advertising their hours and available growler beers that they have inside. They are located just up the road from the local mill, which I’m sure has made it a lucrative spot for the drive home traffic.

We went inside the brewery and were met by their guard cat. After making it past him we were greeted by Karen Skadsheim, owner of Townsite. Handshakes where shared and we set off on our tour. A little information about the building that Townsite is in first. They are in the Federal Building  at 5824 Ash Avenue in Powell River. Originally housing the Post office, it has since housed a few other tenants before being reborn as a brewery.

The previous tenant, a fish packing plant, had set them up with several of their needed hookups for their brewing operation. They built this brewery with brand new NSI Newlands equipment. Their working space is a cozy environment, but I’m sure that it makes for easy transport from one vessel to the other. Beyond their cold storage area (not pictured) they have their beers available by growler onsite, bottles onsite and in selected liquor stores, and by keg.

Here are a few pictures of our look around the brewery.

Mash Tun and Kettle

Here’s their primary fermenter

Across from the kettle is couple of uni-tanks, plus an action shot of Karen.

From Left to Right the Bottle Labeler, Bottle Filler (in behind) and a couple of Fermenting Tanks

Lastly the Tasting Bar

I left there with a glorious flight of their beers (including one of the previously sold out Charleston Belgian Trippel that I managed to charm out of Karen’s secret stash) and I wanted to cap out this with a review of their Suncoast pale ale.

Their website describes this pale ale like so;  “Suncoast is our draught-only offering and our definition of a session beer. Think smooth, amber and yummy! This is for hanging out with great friends and enjoying lotsa laughs.” (http://townsitebrewing.com/beer#)

It pours to a deep amber with a white fluffy head on top. It smells quite amazing, almost fruitish with hints of passion fruit or melon. The taste is a more bitter take on a pale ale that I’m used to. It is a 25 IBU offering so it does rate on the bitter scale. That said the bitter dances really nicely with the rich malty notes of this beer. When Karen was describing it as their session beer she was not kidding. It is very easy drinking making for tasty pints after a days busyness.

Leapbeer #190 Suncoast Pale Ale

Thanks to Karen for her hospitality for our visit. I really look forward to seeing (and tasting) what you and your crew have brewing for the future.

And thank you all for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Leapbeer Field Trip – Townsite Brewing in Powell River

  1. My other writer Steve and I made it out to brewery recently as well. Its a great little brewery with great beer and people to match. It is so amazing how many new breweries are going up in BC right now. In vancouver Parallel 49 has had beer on the market for 7 weeks and their orders have gotten to the point they can not keep up with demand!

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