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Leapbeer On-The-Fly Review #199 Northwest IPA with Citras Cask @ Spinnakers

While I am waiting to get my camera back with the rest of my pictures from my last trip to Victoria I thought it’d be good to make a post about one of the specialty beers I got to sample while I was down there. As some of you may or may not know Spinnakers offers a specially hopped cask offering every day of the week from Monday through Friday. What they do is take a smaller keg of their beer and dry hop it with a hops varietal. As I was told it usually only lasts about an hour or less before the whole keg is gone. We were there too late to try the ESB with Willamettes on the Thursday, but I made a special effort to get in on the action for the Friday.  Even reading what it was got me excited, their Northwest IPA with Citras.

I’ve already gone on at length about my enjoyment of the hoppier beers so let me suffice it to say, it was divine. The lemony dry hopping from the citra’s added an extra floral layer to this already excellently crafted beer. I had to rush off to dinner before finishing my pint, but thanks to eating in the same establishment (only downstairs) I got to take it with me.

I’ll be covering the Northwest IPA by itself later in the blog, but this was a special treat for me. Because it was a cask offering, served direct from a keg atop the bar, all the delicate floral notes were well represented. Another note is because it is dry hopped in the keg there was some sediment. Not a problem just a note.

Leapbeer #199 is Northwest IPA with Citras Cask from Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub in Victoria

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Leapbeer Review #198 Twilight Summer Ale by Deschutes Brewery

I find it hard to believe that this next beer is the first Deschutes beer I’ve covered for the leapbeer blog so far. In truth, I’ve had their beers before, I’ve even had some of their beers this year. But it isn’t until now that I’m putting one into the blog. There isn’t any special reason I haven’t included this brewery up to this point. It just hasn’t happened, until now. For those of you who aren’t craft beer nerds, Deschutes is one of Oregon’s premiere breweries. They are not only known for their standard brews, but they also have a very extensive barrel aging program. One that I really hope to sample from in the future.

This is a seasonal beer of theirs. Their site describes it as ‘A lighter, yet full-flavored, aromatic Ale for the long days of summer. Twilight’s solid malt foundation pairs with distinctive Amarillo hops for flavors every bit as intriguing as bigger, heavier ales. A back porch, lingering sunset wonder‘ (http://www.deschutesbrewery.com/brew/twilight-summer-ale)

They blend 3 types of malts (NW Pale, Carastan, Carapils) and 5 varietals of hops (Northern Brewer, Amarillo, Cascade, Tettnang, Brambling Cross) in this beer. It pours to a amber/orange colour with a white head that leaves a nice lacing to the glass. It smells amazing, like the blend of hops and malts have a perfect marriage. It is a very super easy drinking summer beer. A nice hoppy bite, with a complex malty under belly. Everyone who’s tried it has enjoyed it, and I’m no exception.

Leapbeer #198 is Twilight Summer Ale by Deschutes Brewery of Bend Oregon

I picked up the 6 of these beers in Top Shelf Liquor Store, a great place for craft beers in the Comox Valley. I find myself always wandering in while I’m down that way. Its a great place to shop. If you’re a craft lover you’ll do yourself a favour and check it out if you’re by that way.

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