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Happy Hoppy IPA Day

Happy IPA Day Everyone!

Today is August the 2nd, and it marks the 2nd annual IPA Day (http://ipaday.org/). As many of my readers will know I am a big fan of the hoppier beers, and IPA’s and IIPA’s are the premiere craft beer framework to showcase hops. I chose a couple of IPA’s and IIPA’s that I’ve had in the past few days to commemorate todays official observance.

Firstly I’m going to talk about a beer I shared with my sister. It is the 2nd from the Coney Island series of beers on the leapbeer journey. It is the Swordswallower IPA Style beer from Schmaltz Brewery in New York NY. This is a blonde beer with relatively low carbonation. I get a nice smell of hops on the nose. When you drink it the malts are mild, but the hops are complex. The bottle says there’s 8 varietals of hops in this beer. The website (http://www.shmaltzbrewing.com/CONEY/ss.html ) says it is a delicate balance of the 8 hops, but I found it to be more combative in my mouth. Another thing about this beer, is that it is an IPA style beer due to them using Lager yeast to make it. As the beer warmed up the complex flavours really made their presence felt. I didn’t hate this beer, but didn’t love it either.

Leapbeer #210 Sword Swallower IPA Style by Schmaltz Brewing Company.


Next we’re going to move on to Lagunitas Hop Stoopid IIPA. The label advertises this beer to have a whopping 102 IBU (or International Bitterness Units) making this beer have some serious pucker power. When I poured this beer it looks great, a deep golden orange. There’s fairly standard carbonation, and about a 1cm head (or 1/2inch for the imperial types) of tight bubbles. This beer smells tremendous. I’m getting mild malts, citric hops and something else that smells like tropical fruit, like an underripe pineapple. When you drink this beer it really makes you step back and give it a ‘Woah’. There is a lovely latent bitter bite to this beer as well. The tartness in this beer creates a vaccuum in your mouth like you’re sucking on a sour head. Surprisingly refreshing and easy drinnking. At a hefty 8.0% ABV, drinking this whole beer could really render someone more than a bit IPA’d (Paul Hadfield of Spinnakers term for I’m Pissed Again). Hop Stoopid indeed. I would go so far as to say that this is the best IIPA that I’ve had so far, I LOVE THIS BEER.

Leapbeer #211 is Hop Stoopid IIPA

Lastly I’m going to cover the Ruin Rosemary Agave IPA – #5 of 12 beers of the Apocolypse by Elysian Brewing in Seattle Washington. Like it says there this is the fifth in their radical ’12 beers of the Apocalypse’ series. Just the name of this beer alone had me intrigued. It is an unfiltered beer, pouring to a cloudy gold with a head made of tiny tight bubbles. It smells quite piney, likely the influence of the rosemary. When I drink it I am immediately in love with it. It is both sweet and bitter, but completely refreshing. You taste hints of the rosemary and sweetness from the agave. This is a great beer, I whole heartedly encourage you to try it (if you can find it).

Leapbeer #212 is Ruin Rosemary Agave IPA by Elysian Brewing of Seattle Washington.

Thanks for reading, Have a Happy IPA Day.

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