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A great opinion piece about IPA’s I thought my readers would enjoy.

I think about beer

Hop Field at Hoad's Farm

NOTE: This was written for last year’s IPAday, but seems just as relevant for this year’s version. Enjoy!

An Opinion Piece

August 2nd is #IPADay (according to its Twitter hashtag), a self-proclaimed “toast to one of craft beer’s most iconic styles: the India Pale Ale.” For some reason, this struck a nerve with me and galvanized some thoughts that had been rattling around in my head for a while. Not so long ago, IPA was a style that was only a minor thread in the craft beer tapestry. It was a bigger, more aggressive brother to Pale Ale. It was a note in a symphony of porters, pales, ambers, stouts, goldens, and more.

Then, the IPA drinker became louder and louder as the IPAs became louder and louder. Alcohol began to increase as did IBUs (international bitterness units). What was once an orchestra playing in harmony while continuing to grow…

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  1. beerfridaybycng on said:

    I love a good IPA as much as the next guy, and if I’m in a drinking mood (but not eating) it’s my go-to style. However, the more IPAs I try the more I’ve been having these same feelings. Thanks for articulating it so well as the craft beer world doesn’t need to rely on the one-note style bring attention to (or detract attention from) other great works of beer.

    • I agree, I’ve had a couple of IPA’s recently that boasted X amount of hops varieties. Both of them had what I would consider a ‘combative hop profile’ as opposed to a complimentary one. The opposite side of that is the GrowHop IPA series from Phillips which only uses 1 variety of hops in those beers, they add it at the perfect times to showcase all the nature of the individual hops.

      That said, I think my favorite style of beer is a Bitter because they’re so easy drinking and delicious, but I really like many other styles too.

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