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A great opinion piece about IPA’s I thought my readers would enjoy.

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  1. beerfridaybycng on said:

    I love a good IPA as much as the next guy, and if I’m in a drinking mood (but not eating) it’s my go-to style. However, the more IPAs I try the more I’ve been having these same feelings. Thanks for articulating it so well as the craft beer world doesn’t need to rely on the one-note style bring attention to (or detract attention from) other great works of beer.

    • I agree, I’ve had a couple of IPA’s recently that boasted X amount of hops varieties. Both of them had what I would consider a ‘combative hop profile’ as opposed to a complimentary one. The opposite side of that is the GrowHop IPA series from Phillips which only uses 1 variety of hops in those beers, they add it at the perfect times to showcase all the nature of the individual hops.

      That said, I think my favorite style of beer is a Bitter because they’re so easy drinking and delicious, but I really like many other styles too.

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