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Leapbeer Review #214 Evergreen Ale by Phillips Brewing Company

On August 13, 2012, Phillips announced the release of their 11th Anniversary Brew, the Pandamonium DIPA. While I try to hone in my target scope to pick one of those beers up I wanted to take today to talk about their last beer release,  Evergreen Ale.

The Evergreen Ale was a very limited release beer. Along with the release of this beer they had a great little video of the Evergreen tip harvest. Watch the video here (http://vimeo.com/46631567) This beer dates their brewing style back to the 1700’s as you can see from the release notes below. It is a nice golden ale colour with medium carbonation. A nice floral and woodsy scent comes from the frothy white head on top of this beer. If you watch the video they add a large branch to the boil as well as the evergreen tips, and I think this is where a lot of the flavour is coming from. It tastes quite earthy with a nice accent of pine taste. It doesn’t taste overly hopped. To me it tasted like it was filtered though the forest floor, similar to a wild mushroom taste. I feel like I’m licking the forest, but in a good way.

Leapbeer #214 is Evergreen Ale by Phillips Brewing Company of Victoria BC

A new thing I’m going to institute on my reviews of this nature is a little info section at the bottom. If you’re interested in where I got this bottle of beer (if I can remember it) I will have it there as well as when it was released (if known) and availability. Bottle size as well and ABV. I may include published IBU’s as well, but I’ve recently read a post on the ithinkaboutbeer blog that disputes the validity of some of the bottle published ratings.

Brewery:          Phillips Brewing Company of Victoria BC
Released:        July 31st 2012 http://phillipsbeer.com/evergreen-ale-released
Size/ABV:        650ml Bomber/5.5% ABV
Availability:    Extremely Limited Run
Purchased @: Merecroft Village Liquor Store and Cascadia Liquor on Quadra st.

Release Notes:

Evergreen Ale released!

July 30th 2012: While history may trumpet Captain James Cook as a brave explorer, master navigator and meticulous cartographer, we believe his greatest achievement lies in guiding his men to be the first Europeans to brew beer in BC! In March of 1778, Cook limped his ships, Discovery and Resolution, into Nootka Sound and, upon landing, went about repairing their masts and brewing a spruce beer from a mixture of molasses and fresh Sitka needles.

Our Evergreen Ale is crafted as an homage to Cook and BC brewing history. Just like the explorers of old, we set out on our own little conquest to gather fresh spruce for the brew but what started as a simple harvesting mission quickly turned into a full-blown backwoods adventure when things didn’t go exactly as planned…(Check the video on Vimeo or YouTube)

The story does have a happy ending though, in a beer endowed with a citrus-pine taste that might inspire you to become a history buff. Cook was only in Nootka Sound for a month, and this beer is only in private craft-focused liquor stores on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland for a limited time.

Other Reviews:           http://urbandiner.ca/2012/08/08/phillips-brewing-evergreen-ale/

And coming soon

As always, Thank you for reading.

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