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Leapbeer Review #255 Oktoberfest Bier (to-go) by Paulaner München

I felt that October first would be a great day to break out my Oktoberfest Bier, even though the festivities in Munich have been already going since the 22nd of September. I did a bit of research of Oktoberfest and ‘lo and behold’ a quick peek at wikipedia shows that it always starts in Late September and goes into the first week of October.

I’ve always had the thought in my mind that Oktoberfest is a whole bunch of Germans sitting under a tent, some accordion & yodeling music playing in the background, with a sea of beer mugs on the table. All singing along in happy unison, hoisting their glasses high, frothy head sloshing too and fro. This is what I imagined I’d become when I drank this beer. The Paulaner München is one of the six brewers who make ‘official’ Oktoberfest beers, along with Augustiner-Bräu, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu-München, Löwenbräu, and Spaten. I noticed this ‘Oktoberfest Bier To-Go’ the other day at the liquor store. It is a one litre can of beer along with a gigantic beer glass to hold it in. How could I say no?

Limited Edition? Where do I sign up?

So I open up this bad boy and reveal the creamy centre. Well it’s not creamy, but canny. A one litre can of beer akin to what would be served at Oktoberfest right in Munich. Cracking this beer open I am immediately hit by the smell of European hops. It is a distinct ‘pilsner-esque’ smell. It has a mild yeasty sweetness to the scent as well, but nothing off putting. I found this beer immediately drinkable, quaffable in fact. It goes down very easy, like it’s doing a slip and slide down your throat. Many of the North American drinkers do not think of a six percent beer to being a ‘high test’ beer, but it isn’t the norm. This beer really packs a punch, or better put, punches in bunches. If you can’t win them with one punch, give them a hundred, right? This one litre offering is just that, a whole lotta beer. I really enjoyed it, in fact I wish I had bought another (I may just do that still).

Leapbeer #255 is Oktoberfest Bier (to-go)

Brewery: Paulaner München of Munich Germany
Released: September
Size/ABV: 1L Can/6.0% ABV
Availability: Limited Release
Purchased @: BC Government Liquor Store

A whole lotta yum in a great big glass

For more information about Oktoberfest, please check out this blog post from The Year in Beer. These girls really do their homework when it comes to blogging (it makes me feel shame for my paltrier posts). They also have done a series of posts of Oktoberfest beers, both official ones and others.

Thanks for reading everyone

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