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Leapbeer Review #261 Storm Watcher Winter Lager by Vancouver Island Brewery

So yesterday I was down in Victoria to help a relative move, and it just so happened that there was also a cask event for BC Craft Beer month at the Beagle Pub featuring Vancouver Island Breweries new winter seasonal, Storm Watcher Winter lager. This replaces the Beachcomber in their line up. Because I had it on cask I didn’t have a bottle to put it up against so here’s art from their website, along with their notes.

With the ocean mist glistening in the air, huge swells rolling in from the mighty Pacific and the fury of the gales howling it must be storm season. Much like the storms of the West Coast, our Winter Lager rolls in with notes of caramel and finishes with a crash of malt. Pouring a warm amber-red, this lager combines honey, caramel and crystal malts to create a thirst quenching and slightly warming beer perfect for our winter storms.

A pretty cool label in my opinion. From the reading through of the notes I expected something close to the Lions Gate Winter Ale from GIB. While that previously mentioned beer may be a somewhat polarizing brew this one has a much wider appeal.

It has a fairly light scent to it, smelling of malt. The beer is a lovely amber colour with a good head on top. When you drink it you definitely get that lager feel to it. It has that light mouthfeel you’d expect from a decent lager. The spices and vanilla are subtle enough not to be overpowering in this beer, and the beer is suprisingly creamy. I quite enjoyed my pint. I could see it being an easily sessionable beer.

Leapbeer #261 is Storm Watcher Winter Lager by Vancouver Island Brewery

Brewery: Vancouver Island Brewery of Victoria, BC
Released: September 24th, 2012
Size/ABV: 355ml Bottle/5.5% ABV/
Availability: Unknown
Purchased @: Had on Cask @ The Beagle Pub, Victoria BC
Other Reviews:  Ian Lloyd (aka left4beer)

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3 thoughts on “Leapbeer Review #261 Storm Watcher Winter Lager by Vancouver Island Brewery

  1. Chris, I’m sorry I missed you on my way out! Glad you liked the beer. Did you get that Fling Tanker bottle?

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